In Retrospect | Workshop in Rionegro, Colombia, for the Therapeutic Community of San Bartolomé

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Let me share with you a few about this workshop that took place in October 2018 in Rionegro, near Medellín, Colombia. It was a privilege to be invited by Alexander Gómez G. the clinical director of the therapeutic community of San Bartolomé. The institution focuses addition treatments and rehabilitation.

A fond memory: the seminar group, Alexander Gómez G. (1st left), organizer Catherine Norena (3rd from left)

The following video was recorded near the venue of the seminar in a very pleasant environment. The video is excerpted in the chapter Learning the Emotion Coaching System.

One of the most rewarding experiences you can have as an educator is the trust that individuals or groups of people express towards you. Large parts of the workshop were filmed and we are still working on making the materials available in the Demonstrations.

Colombia Medellín Rionegro