Surviving Cancer and Processing Related Emotions - Full Demonstration by Matthias Behrends

Care for Emotional Wounds 2 min read

I believe that showing and seeing what is possible is more powerful than many words, which can be a distraction from what matters most: reason for the hope that emotional pain can be alleviated effectively.

Some might have already seen this 30 min demonstration, which was recorded during a seminar in Medellín, Colombia, in October 2018. Due to technical difficulties, the audio is quite bad, but we could restore the subtitles in both English and Spanish. Please activate closed captions in the youtube settings to see either of those languages - else, it is hardly understandable.

“Then I won't speak. Just let me show you.”-Hiccup

I do not think that I have all the answers, but I know I have discovered some. Thanks to the generosity of my teachers, mentors, and those who trusted me to assist them during emotional labor. I was deeply impressed when witnessing these simple yet effective methods for the first time. This led to a decade-long passion for learning, practicing, and teaching these methods - while at the same time honoring fundamental human needs.

Now that you have seen what is possible, how can you do otherwise?

Where there is pain, there is a problem - and our attention must go there. But it can be overwhelming, draining, burn you out as a helper. Unless we have, like a surgeon has her instruments, we have effective methods for emotional labor are essential for finding hope despite the tsunami of pain many of us are confronted within our work, and of course, also in our own lives and biographies.

It is my vision to make these methods available to everyone willing to put in the necessary time and dedication to learn them to indirectly make them available to everyone who needs them to process experiences of emotional distress, trauma, and pain. Life after survival is only possible after going through. The only way out is through. But that needs assistance.

The existing systems for emotional wellbeing and mental health are insufficient in most, if not all, places in the world. I believe that everyone deserves a chance to see for themselves what the human soul is truly capable of. This never stopped to amaze and fascinate me since I first saw it in demonstrations of my teacher. Yet this is so little known, and much of the dialog on emotions and how humans function on the psychological level is helpless at best and actively distracting at worst.

Everything I am doing is reproducible, can and should be learned by anyone who works with people in distress.

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Medellín Colombia Emotional Wounds Become a Rainbow Demonstrations