We keep on missing huge opportunities to help people in distress [Vlog, Sep 14, 2019]

1 min read

Some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • Why stabilization methods are still not widely established
  • Organizations need to create conditions for their staff to actively intervene in a structured way. Stabilization work cannot be squeezed in between other tasks and responsibilities and needs dedicated time and space. [03:00]
  • "It surprises me again and again and sometimes to be honest it makes me very angry to see what the actual need is on the ground and how little of that [solution] is being implemented and done." [04:45]
  • "Yes for many situations you need a therapist and you need the setting of psychotherapy. That is out of the question. But in many situations [...] it is just an illusion to say you will make available psychotherapy in the quantity that they need it. It is never going to happen [at least] not within a reasonable timeframe. People suffer unnecessarily." [05:43]
  • ...