What "Children of Heaven (1997)" Teaches us about How to Empathize With Children

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I first learned about this film from a review done by LSOO who is known for his insightful and deep understanding of movies and making this available to a wide audience. Currently, I am preparing for a workshop at a conference in Moscow for psychologists and social workers who care for children in especially vulnerable situations.

Credits: LSOO

Seeing the reality in the institutionalized treatment of children in many countries including my own this quote seems especially important to me. What many consider "normalcy" is all too often tantamount to institutionalized violence. There is much empathy, too, and good intentions - but still far too much ignorance remains to be challenged.

Caregivers and teachers have at least one unique advantage over therapists. Whereas therapists must search for emotional resources in the form of experiences that have a positive emotional content, the former can become such a resource.

Whereas therapists can do the important work of finding the "rainbows" - teachers and caregivers can be the "rainbows" in somebody else's clouds.

Credits: LSOO
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